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Malfoy's Ambition

Slytherin Pride

Draco Malfoy
The Private thoughts of Draco Malfoy, 5th year Slytherian, Prefect, Seeker, Pure-blood. Filthy Mud-bloods and Gryffindor's need not even bother trying to read. (If you can even read, Weaselby.)

Draco Malfoy

Banner by: orpheous87

This is a character journal for the Harry Potter RPG houses_unite. Draco Malfoy is a fictional character that doesn't really exist, nor am I Tom Felton. Images and icons used for character depiction only.
'he-who must-not-be-named', detention-giving for 'ferret' references, faking injuries, father, me, mother, myself, one-upping potter, potions, professor snape, pure-blood, quidditch, seeker, slytherian, slytherian pride, smiting mud-bloods, the dark arts, the snitch, winning quidditch, winning the house cup